be the change series


Be the change series

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I have been really excited about my Be The Change series. It has probably been my most influential and impactful series. People seem to really love it. I feel that it is something that has longevity in its style and can evolve over a long period of time. Recently I have been adding gradients in the backgrounds and including graffiti shape elements.

My first gradient background was for my friend Andrew Casteel who owns Laughing Monk Brewing in San Francisco’s Bayview District. It was actually his idea for this so Andrew I think you! I LOVE doing the gradients. It’s so therapeutic and done all with rollers. 

Thank you to @johnmomdine for the beautiful photos you took of this project.

Thank you to @johnmomdine for the beautiful photos you took of this project.

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I did another subtle gradient recently for my friend Andy in his beautiful home in Jackson Wyoming. He invited my family to stay with me at his home while I worked. So we loaded the car and made a road trip of it, driving from California, through Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming and even part of Montana. We had no agenda, nothing booked for hotels, just found camp sites or cabins along the way. We survived rain, hail and heat. We saw bison, moose, elk and Old Faithful. It was a glorious experience. 

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I’m curating a festival alongside Tippecanoe Arts Federation in LaFayette Indiana called Wabash Walls. I’m extremely excited about this. Not just because some of the heavy hitter artists on the roster, but because I have fallen in love with Indiana. I really enjoy my time every time I’m there. I have made great friends there that mean a lot to me. So if you’re in the area the first two weeks of August come say high! The community gathering, unveiling and bicycle tour will be August 18th. To see updates follow us on Instagram at @wabashwalls   

I went out early to meet with the community to gather input and look at possible mural locations. While there I painted an elephant. It’s titled “Elephant in the room” I’m hoping by painting an animal that is not native to a particular are I can somehow bridge cultural and racial divide. Maybe if people see more art that represent other areas they will subconsciously become more accepting.