Don't Dump Oil

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How we Fight against illegal oil dumping

Artist Cameron Moberg remembers being in high school in the 90’s when he first heard the stories of people illegally dumping oil in the Bayview. Visiting his friends near 3rd and Palou, he would listen to their dad talk about companies and individuals alike coming in to the neighborhood and setting oil cans on corners or even dumping it down drains. We thought by now, in 2016, things would have changed. But making recent visits to the Bayview proves it is still a problem.

We partnered with the Department of the Environment, Cal Recycle and the Bayview Opera house, to investigate and see how we can all help raise awareness on the issue. We interviewed countless Bayview residents. Most of which did not know each other but all had similar stories. There were stories told from older gentlemen, who didn’t know each other but had similar stories.  They had gone fishing in the bay with their fathers at a young age and would see trucks come in and dump “stuff” into the bay. It was said that dumping was done by owners of small businesses to large companies.

We ended up taking Surveys not only to raise awareness but to get community input on the mural. Most of the community wanted to see a mural on how it affected the bay so we rolled with that idea. An underwater theme! Even though this mural depicts oil affecting animals, it also reflects how people in the Bayview feel as oil is encroaching on their homes. That is why you the animals are all facing towards the oil ready to attack! Enough is ENOUGH!