Be the change


"Be The Change." A quote we all know and love. I'm always asking myself "am I actually being the change"? At the end of each day I want to know that I helped improve the world.  

A butterflies metamorphic change is not easy.  Many scientists even describe it as painful. I believe that's similar to humans trying to make a difference. We fight against so much opposition. At times it seems the world is pressing so hard against us that we can't make a difference.  But we can! A simple smile, and open door, a kind gesture or a beautiful painting. Fo me a beautiful painting involving the community to help paint it while revitalize their very home! I know it hurts at times, but the outcome is greater than our pain. 

This mural was done for a new community green space in Fowler Indiana.  It was all free hand with spray paint over the course of 2 days.